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Sealyham Terriers
Sporty Little Welsh Dogs!

sealyham terrier Sealyham Terriers originated in Wales, England. Capt. John Edwards is credited with the breed's development which took place on his estate in Wales around 1850. Though there are no precise records, likely contributors to its lineage include the Corgi, Dandie Dinmont, West Highland White, and Wire-Haired Fox Terriers.

The Sealyham is an alert and fearless breed with a long and low body which was well suited to his job of quarrying small animals in their dens. Today he is still highly regarded as a good mouser.

Attractive and appealing are words that best describe his appearance. Around his face he wears long bangs and whiskers, giving him a noble look. His stunning white coat is frequently admired.

Famous owners of the breed include Alfred Hitchcock, the renowned film director.

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Height: 10-11 inches
Weight: 22-25 lbs.
Color variations: Pure white, or with tan or badger markings on head and ears.

Coat and Care

The Sealyham has a hard and wiry outer coat with an undercoat that is soft and weatherproof.

The coat is worn quite long and regular brushing is necessary to avoid tangles and mats. Periodic stripping should be done to keep the coat is the best condition. On the plus side, shedding is minimal, but does make it more important to brush faithfully!

Personality and Traits:

For a terrier, this dog is calmer and a lot less active than most of his kin. Owners describe him as a good watchdog and an ideal family companion, being both loyal and loving, as well as cheerful. He likes to take it easy around the house and enjoys human company.

Although very sociable, he will reserve judgment of strangers until his owner shows acceptance of them.

Like most terriers, he does have an independent streak - hey, these dogs had to think for themselves when chasing their prey down a hole!

They also come from a pack background, so they will be looking around for their leader - that's where you come in. Once they know who's the boss, consistent and fair training will do the rest.

If you want one of these cute dogs, you may have to get on a list because they are kinda rare and hard to find.

Activity Level:

Sealyham Terriers are not overly active indoors. They do need to get out, but moderate exercise is acceptable to them - a daily short walk should do the trick.

Space Needs:

Not demanding of space - easily adapts to apartment or house. A small yard for romping would be a nice extra.

Sealyham Terriers For Children?

Best with older children who are considerate and sensitive with pets. Being of pack origin, they like the company of other dogs as well as family members.

The best policy, no matter what the breed, is to have adult supervision whenever pets and children are are interacting.

Seniors Or Less Active Families

The low exercise requirement and loyal demeanor of this breed makes the Sealyham an excellent companion for the elderly or more sedentary family.

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Reading Recommendations:

sealyham terrier breed bookSealyham Terrier: Special Rare-breed Edition (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

Sealyham Guide

Current information covering breed history, characteristics and attributes, breed standard, grooming, puppy care, housetraining, nutrition, basic training, health and the potential disorders that are of interest to all purebred dog enthusiasts.

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