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Belgian Malinois Dog
Energetic Family Companion!

belgian malinois dog The Belgian Malinois dog, classified among the herding dog breeds, is a medium-size dog of elegant appearance and proud demeanor. He is muscular, limber and strong, but without looking heavy, has a square-looking structure, and is proportionally well-balanced.

The are four different varieties of Belgian Shepherd dogs - the Groenendale, Laekenois, Tervuren and Malinois - all named for the towns from which they originated. They vary in their coat color and coat type, the Malinois being of short coat, highlighted by a black mask around the head and ears. At first glance he may appear similar to the German Shepherd, but a closer look reveals differences in the bone structure, color, size, head and ear shape.

The Malinois' is derived from working sheepdogs and his abilities include herding, tracking, agility, obedience, and police detection work.

Activity Level:

The Malinois is a quick and agile dog with high energy. They need vigorous walks every day, and ideally other high energy activities as often as can be provided.

In addition, opportunities to run freely in a safe area, are highly recommended. He also makes a great buddy for jogging/running.

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Personality and Traits:

The Belgian Malinois dog likes to enjoy a high degree of interaction with his human family, but he also needs to be well-socialized from a puppy. If you are serious about acquiring this breed as a puppy, be sure to look for responsible Belgian Malinois breeders through the national association that represents the breed. A good breeder will start the socialization process before a puppy leaves the litter and should be able to tell you about the health and temperament of the parents. If you are more interested in an older dog, try the Belgian Malinois dog rescue organizations. Rescues usually have background information and have tested their dogs for temperament. Plus you are likely to find one that has already received some training.

While this breed can be an excellent family companion, he is not a dog for owners that have little time to spend with a pet and won't enjoy being left for extended periods of time.

Belgian Malinois Comprehensive Owner's Guide On the other hand, if you are a family that enjoys a lot of outdoor activities, especially things that could include your dog, you will be delighted with the enthusiastic response of the Malinois. He is a sensitive and intelligent dog that needs training to direct his high energy, especially if you can give him a job to do. Some activities to consider include agility, flyball, herding, obedience, tracking and any other game-like activities. He has also been successful in police detection work, as well as search and rescue.

The Belgian Malinois dog does best with experienced owners who have a sound knowledge of the best practices for dog training. A firm, but never harsh training approach works the best with this breed. He has natural protective instincts and makes a good watch/guard dog without being aggressive.


Height: 22-26 inches
Weight: 61-66 pounds
Color Variations: Rich Fawn, Mahogany

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Coat and Care:

This breed has a short dense double coat that is waterproof. Easy maintenance involves regular brushing to remove the loose hair that comes about from a light amount of shedding. A pin brush with rubber tips is an ideal tool along with a metal comb.

Grooming on a once a week basis is usually sufficient for regular upkeep.

However, seasonal, heavier shedding also occurs a couple of times a year. Grooming during this time should be stepped up to every couple of days.

Toys To Consider For The Belgian Malinois Dog:

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Space Needs:

Does best in home with a reasonable yard. This breed can be outside some of the time, but really prefers being inside with the family.


The Belgian Malinois does best with children if he is raised with them from a puppy. A parent should take into consideration that this breed is highly active and quite large. As with any breed of dog, it is recommended that interactions between pet and children should always be supervised and even more so with a dog of this size and energy level.


High exercise needs would not make this breed suitable for inactive seniors or sedentary environments,

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