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Australian Cattle Dog Breed
Prized For Their Working Abilities!

australian cattle dog breed
The Australian Cattle Dog breed, also known at the Australian Heeler, Blue Heeler, and Queensland Heeler is one of the best working dogs around.

His development began in the 1800's when herding dogs were needed to control and move hundreds of wild livestock on cattle drives lasting several days, over the rugged terrain and grazing lands of the Australian outback.

At that time, the traditional herding dogs were not up to working under these harsh conditions and so ranchers began crossing other breeds including the Scottish Highland Collie, the Dingo, Bull Terrier, Kelpie and Dalmation to develop the Australian Cattle Dog.

As a result, everything about his physical structure and temperament was geared toward his job.

The ACD is a compact and symmetrical dog with a muscular body of considerable substance. He can be trained to carry out many tasks. In addition to cattle, he can move horses, goats, ducks - practically anything that moves!

Personality and Traits

The Australian Cattle Dog breed is a highly intelligent trainable dog. He is an independent thinker, but with a strong desire to please, so once you train him, he will take over and do what is expected. Working is what he likes to do, so train him to do some jobs around the house or he will likely get into unacceptable behavior.

Because the ACD performed his herding work by nipping at the heels of stock, the traits still remains to a degree and needs to be addressed during the puppy-biting stage through bite inhibition training and socialization.

It is recommended that owners involve their ACD in flyball, agility or obedience type activities. These are excellent ways to provide him with the mental and physical activities he needs and will result in a happier and calmer pet.

The ACD is very loyal to his family and has strong guarding instincts, making him an excellent watchdog.

Appearance and Coat Care

Height: 17-20 inches
Weight: 35-45 lbs.
Color variations: Blue or blue mottled, The permissible markings are black, blue or tan markings on the head, evenly distributed. Red Speckle - good even red speckle all over.

Australian Cattle Dogs Grooming supplies The Australian Cattle Dog breed is double-coated. The under coat is short and dense, and the outer coat is of medium texture and length.

Routine grooming and coat maintenance is needed. Regular brushing, bathing as needed, along with nail clipping, ear cleaning and tooth brushing. Also paws should be inspected for any foreign matter or cuts.

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Activity Level

Naturally this dog thrives on and needs a considerable amount of exercise and vigorous walks every day. He will do best in a family that can provide a lot of stimulating activity - not just a daily walk.

Dog sports are ideal for additional activity.

Space Needs:

This breed does best in a rural setting with considerable yard as well as open areas where he can run freely.


The Australian Cattle Dog breed does best with children if he is raised with them from a puppy.

As with any breed of dog, play between children and any breed of dog should always be supervised by an adult.


Not recommended for the elderly or more sedentary family - exercise needs would be too overwhelming.

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