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Practical dog care, that's what we're about. Nothing complicated, just a straightforward guide for raising Rover. If you have a new furry friend, or even an old one, here's a game plan you can turn to whenever you need help in raising your pet, one that includes guidance on health care, nutrition, exercise and training.

While you don't need a Phd to take on pet parenting, it's very likely you'll have a few questions as your little rascal matures - hey, they're not all born with a halo!

Even if you've been a "pack leader" before, each dog is unique and presents different challenges. This may be especially true if you have opened your heart to a rescue or a senior new friend.

Bottom line, if you make the committment, you'll have the pleasure of watching your dog thrive as you give him the life he deserves. You'll both have lots of fun too!

Remember he is trusting you to be the pack leader - so let us help you to be a good one!

To begin... here's a short list of popular pages on this site. When you are ready for more, check out the Site Map to find all topics.

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..... and don't forget to check our Dog Articles page for helpful advice on many common dog care issues!

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Dog Health Dog Gates Dog Grooming

There is no substitute for providing the best dog care and training to assure a pet's forever place in our hearts and homes.

In return, you'll be building a relationship that is like no other.

So make the committment to give your dog a first class life! He's worth it.

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