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Let's face it, dog training and housebreaking are absolute necessities for a dog to get along and live happily with his family. Without proper training, we are flirting with disaster. But, it's a disaster that can be avoided if a dog's training is started early. By beginning firmly but gently, you and your dog will soon reap the rewards.

I know, I know, new puppies are so cute and sooo... much fun to spoil, that it's easy to put off the training for another day!

Lovable as they are, I guarantee they won't stay that way without being taught good dog manners - and frankly we have an obligation to teach them the necessary social skills. Dogs are eager to please and a well-trained pet will get lots more positive strokes and be a happier dog. What you'll get in return is his unconditional love - can't beat that!

So, don't delay. Establish yourself as his new pack leader by teaching your pet the basic dog manners along with opportunities for socialization and he'll have no trouble being accepted anywhere you go.

How To Train A Dog - Getting Started

When it comes to dog training, whatever approach is chosen, it should be based on positive reinforcement, no harsh treatment ever! It not only achieves results, it does so quickly. And this is a plus for those who don't want to devote endless hours to training their pets, but are just looking to end up with a reasonably well-mannered pooch who has adapted to living harmoniously in the home and neighborhood. One who doesn't bolt out an open door at every opportunity, scare the mailman, bark for no good reason, or chew up our best shoes. In other words.... a somewhat disciplined doggy.

Even if you've never trained a dog before, don't dismay. There are a few very good professional training guides for dog obedience you can use right at home to train both puppies and older dogs. They are effective, easy to follow and inexpensive compaired to hiring a private dog trainer.

The key to success, as with most things, is being consistent in following whichever plan you select.

That being said, we all have different ways of approaching something new to us, so it's a good idea to check out the different training styles to find one that appeals to you and will easily fit into your day-to-day activities. No doubt, you'll be more successful if you choose a plan that you can stick with. If you're into to video training as opposed to book guides, you may like Dove Cresswell's Online Training. Dove trains dogs for the movies and television so you know she has to be good. It will be worth your while to take a look at her fun program and a sample lesson.

Finding the time for training is often an excuse for not starting, but if a short session is given at the beginning and end of the day, it's amazing how much can be accomplished. Positive reinforcement is the key to connecting with your dog's mind and when you do this, you'll see fast results!

Not only that, training will become one of the most fun times for you and your dog. Short sessions will also help you stick with the routine. And your dog will no doubt look forward to these special one-on-one times with you. After all, training your pet is really a matter of repetition.. repetition..repetition - Oops, sorry!

Dog Training - Priorities...

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What is your top priority? If you have a new puppy, potty training is sure to be the first goal. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the carpets, so getting started right away makes the most sense.

Most puppies are ready to start learning from the first day you bring them home, even if that entails getting up during the night to take them outside, or using a indoor dog potty for a short while.

The early months are usually the best time to introduce house training and to establish yourself as your dog's "pack leader". Families who delay training are often sorry they did as - perish the thought - they may eventually contemplate giving up their furry friend because he hasn't magically learned the house rules all by himself! And that's something that shouldn't ever happen to a dog!

The good news is... you don't have to go there. The training guides recommended on this page are simple to follow and will get the results you want in the shortest time.

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When you're reasonably sure the carpets are can start teaching your pup other good habits. In fact you could begin teaching them right along with the house training routines. Most probably, getting your dog used to walking without tugging, sitting and staying, coming when called, not jumping on guests or furniture (no doubt he'll have his own pampered couch), etc., will be early priorities.

Whether you have a purebred pug or a marvelous mutt, they will a much happier pet when they are trained and know what's expected of them as a new member of your family pack.

All it takes is a little T L C which I know you'll agree, every treasured dog deserves.

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