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unique dog houses When it comes to unique dog houses, there's no denying, that a spoiled dog's house should be his castle....

And, houses that make a statement are the most sought-after by serious dog lovers and their beloved pets.

With that in mind, we've put together a special dog house collection to help every coddled canine find his dream house.

While style may be a high priority for a top dog, comfort and safety, along with easy maintenance, must be part of the package for long term love!

A good example of unique style combined with year-round weather protection - either, cold, hot or rainy, is the igloo dog house. This design has stood the test of time providing people in challenging climates incredible shelter, and now pets can benefit too!

The unique dog houses on this site, range from functional to fancy, to nothing short of outright luxury dog houses. We're sure you'll be able to find just the right home for your pet. So let's get to it.

Some Unique Dog Houses To Consider

You'll find many superior doghouses below and even more at the
Unique Dog House Gallery

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unique dog houses, stable with door dog house unique dog houses, stable with door dog house

Here's a great house for the larger dog. It's solid wood construction provides perfect protection for outside shelter, while the stylish design is attractive enough to blend well inside a family room, den or on a porch.

A notable plus is the lockable front door making crate training easily manageable until your furry rascal can be trusted around the house!

This well-crafted high-quality dog house also features a raised floor for moisture control and a side window with shutters.

luxury unique dog houses - country estate luxury dog houses - country estate

Your dog is sure to be envied by the local pooches when they see him looking very smug in his country estate dog home.

This dog home with its attractive features and solid wood construction will have everyone thinking you had it custom designed.

But we won't give you away be telling them that it's a snap to assemble right out of the box!!

premium cedar unique dog houses premium cedar unique dog houses

A smart looking natural cedar house available in three sizes to suit extra-small, small and medium sized dogs. I always find the look of siding to be an attractive feature and the color combination of this doghouse is very special.

An added benefit for pets comes from the cedar construction material which provides a natural insect repellent.

twin peaks unique dog houses twin peaks unique dog houses

Raise the self-esteem of your pooch with this attractive twin peaks solid wood dog house. Eye-catching two-tone trim draws attention to the customized look of the extended eave design. The waterproof shingled roof also has a roof liner, providing an extra weather barrier.

In addition, all sides are painted and sealed with weatherproof coating and a raised floor keeps the interior dry and ventilated.

Your dog is bound to feel really special taking a nap inside this unique shelter.

mansion style un mansion style unique dog houses

The Mansion house with attractive and spacious front porch has that one of a kind styling that will make your dog want to woof his approval!

Suitable for large or medium breeds, the dog house is constructed of strong Asian fir wood and is amply sized at 81x41x39 - in some cases it can be shared by two pets. Raised floor, well-ventilated and owners say easy to assemble.

Whether you prefer classic, traditional, modern or rustic ...

you can find well constructed and insulated dog houses of professional quality, unique eco-concepts dog bunkhouseeco-concepts dog bunkhouse shown below that is sure to get Rover's approval while giving him the comfortable shelter and a safe place to rest that you want him to have.

Eco-Concepts Bunkhouse Dog House

What if you have two dogs and don't want to start a dog squabble, or play favorites? We have just the answer.

Take a look at the exceptionally well constructed house shown on the right that is built for two.
Precision Pet Outback Duplex Dog HousePrecision Pet Outback Duplex Dog House

Rover and Roxie will "rule" in this iconstylish duplex doghouse with great design and weather-protected doorways!

Plus, this sturdy dog house has raised hardwood floors to protect against mildew and wet conditions, and a lift top asphalt roof for easy clean-up.

Dog House Heater

For your pet's winter comfort, here's a thermostatically controlled, safe and efficient heating unit that mounts easily inside a dog house and will keep your dog dry and warm.

Be sure to order early before bad weather sets in.

custom cottage style unique dog house The ultimate top of the line pooch pads are without a doubt custom dog houses. Abundant optional features make it possible to create a pet's dream house. Many owners enjoy matching the look of their own residences, while others work with the designer to create really unique dog houses that capture their dog's lifestyle and personality!

The cottage shown to the right, is a actual example of what we mean by custom dog houses.

While luxury dog houses are very impressive, we realize they are not within everyone's budget which is why we feature a good selection of functional and affordable unique dog houses to provide your dog with more than adequate protection from the elements as well as give him the level of status he deserves!

When getting ready to make a purchase, consider the size of your dog and what type of house would best suit the year round climate in your area.

Certainly a dog needs enough room to turn around inside his house, but it will keep the cold out better if it's not too big. Insulation will be more of a factor in extreme hot and cold climates.

Elevating the house is also a good idea to help prevent moisture and subsequent rot from occurring, not to mention lots of undesirable creepy crawlies!

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