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Lakeland Terrier Dog
A Feisty Companion!

lakeland terrier As a squarely built working breed, the Lakeland Terrier dog has been used extensively by farmers over the years to hunt and kill foxes and vermin that threatened livestock. One advantage of this smaller sized terrier, is that they are able to dig and enter deep within dens to pursue and route out their quarry, although occasionally, they would get stuck in a burrow and had to be blasted out! LTs have a reputation for being fearless and tough dogs, never intimidated by facing much larger prey.

The Lakeland Terrier dog originated in the north of England in area known as the Lake District in the county of Cumbria and is one of the oldest breeds of working terriers that exists today. Its development is believed to include the Black and Tan, Border, Bedlington and Dandy Dinmont terriers. Prior to its current name which it acquired in 1912, it was known as the Patterdale Terrier as well as the Westmoreland Terrier. Many liken its appearance to that of the Wire Fox Terrier.

This breed has earned the distinction of winning two major dog shows in the same year - Crufts and Wesminster - which it did in 1967.

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lakeland terrier puppy


Height: 13-15 inches
Weight: 15-17 lbs.
Color variations:Ranging from mostly Black to almost all Light Tan, the coat colors include: Blue/tan, Black/tan, Red, Wheaten, Red grizzle, Liver, Blue, and more rarely - Black

Coat and Care:

The Lakeland has a double coat, the top coat being hard, dense, wiry and weatherproof, while the undercoat is soft.

Regular grooming is necessary and stripping if being shown. Companion dogs, not being shown, can be clipped. Shedding is minimal.

Personality and Traits:

The Lakeland Terrier dog is a self-confident and smart dog. He is also very cheerful, affectionate and mischievous.

The earth dog traits of digging and tunneling are more pronounced in this breed, emphasizing the need for secure fencing of property. This may likely include the addition of chicken wire underground.

Lakelands are very alert and prone to bark at any disturbances. While this makes them ideal watchdogs, teaching them the "quiet" command early on, will keep the neighbors on more friendly terms.

This dog likes to be dominant, but is also very loyal. Owners should be strong leaders and establish themselves in the "alpha" role right away. Training needs to be firm, fair and consistent - no waivering. Variety in the routines will keep this intelligent dog from getting bored.

Activity Level:

Lakeland Terriers are very active dogs and should have plenty of opportunity for long walks - always on a leash. Like most dogs of intelligence, he also likes to be mentally challenged.

Space Needs:

A house with a securely fenced yard is ideal to give an additional outlet for this breed's high energy level.


The Lakeland Terrier dog, in general, is not tolerant of inconsiderate children. They do better with young adults who can keep up with their energy level and who will not mishandle them.


He's a perky and lively dog best suited to families that are more active. Those who prefer a more sedentary lifestyle, would not be suitable environments for the Lakeland Terrier.

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