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Organic Dog Beds
A Smart Choice For Your Pet!

Finally, organic dog beds are making a bigger splash among the choices of eco-friendly pet products. And, since our pets do a lot of sleeping, going green is pretty significant when it comes to what they are sleeping on!

A major benefit to keep in mind, is that organic materials are considered much better and safer for pets, especially those with allergies or sensitivities to various chemicals.

We've done a bit of research to seek out some comfy dog beds that utilize organic, hypoallergenic and/or recycled materials in their construction. At the same time, we also looked for attractive designs that will make a nice appearance in your home.

The majority of the dog beds we've found so far use a high percentage of materials that are made from sustainable resources, resulting in a low impact on the environment.

So, If you are a pet parent with an interest in minimizing the impact of your dog's pawprint on the planet, while at the same time keeping him surrounded with natural fibers, you might want to consider these eco-friendly choices for your ever-loving pooch!

Eco Friendly Classic Dog Bed

image of eco friendly basic dog pillow bedLifekind Organic Dog Bed

Product Description:
Your dog can have healthier dreams on this attractive handmade eco-friendly dog bed. It's made by Lifekind, a company that strives to use our planet's resources wisely by creating dog beds to last longer and using materials in their products sourced from American farmers.

This classic pillow-style bed has a removable, washable sturdy cover made from colorgrown certified organic cotton canvas. The pillow inside the cover contains certified organic cotton and natural buckwheat hulls—each material sewn inside separate chambers.

The size of this bed - 36 x 48 inches, is ideal for dogs between 41-120 lbs.

Lifekind Organic Dog Bed
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Colorful Organic Bumper Pet Bed

organic cotton bumper dog bed organic cotton bumper dog bed
Product Description:
Keep your dogs comfy and safe with these stylishly modern organic dog beds, sturdily made and very durable. Great for allergic pets and those with orthopedic issues.
  • Removable/washable organic cotton cover
  • Thick inner cushion filled with Intelliloft - a 100% recycled eco fiber filling.
  • Entire bed is washable
  • Safe and certified non-toxic for 100 substances
  • Made in the USA - several colors and sizes available
28-inchx25-inch medium

organic cotton bumper dog bed colorful organic dog bed page at amazon

Organic Lounge Dog Bed

Product Description:
Some of the best eco-friendly pet beds are made by Jax and Bones, including out-of-the-ordinary organic dog beds, such as this one.

Your dog will get a safe and comfy snooze in this smart tailored design with these features:
  • Removable/washable cover made from durable microsuede fabric.
  • Cushion is generously filled with Sustaina fill™, an allergen-free, eco-friendly green fiber
  • Super soft comfort and lasting durability
  • Available in nine attractive colors
  • Made in the USA

Small: 24"x18"x7"
Medium: 32"x27"x10"
Large: 39"x32"x10"
X-Large: 48"x40"x12"

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Eco-smart Cotton Pet Bed

image of PLAY Rectangular-Eco-Friendly pet bed
Product Description:
Go green with this planet-smart 100% cotton dog bed with a stylish design that fits with any decor.

Each hand-sewn bed is filled with high loft stuffing made from recycled post-consumer plastics.
  • Attractive "dirt-friendly" brown print design
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton cover
  • Machine washable
  • Available in other colors and prints.
  • Eco-friendly Planet-filler
Small: 28"L x 20"W
Medium 36"L x 27"W
Large: 42'L x 31"
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Multiple Choice Modern Bed

eco-friendly dog bed
Product Description:
Not just pretty in pink, this artist-designed bed by P.L.A.Y., comes in seventeen unique fabrics and three sizes to suit the most discerning pet!

Each fashionable bed has a removable cotton cover for easy machine-wash care, plus a high lofted interior cushion made from eco-smart recycled materials.

Not only will your pet enjoy the comfort of ergonomic support, he will do it in a modern style. Pet parents report that this is a very durable, high quality bed.

Small: pets up to 20 lbs. 27-1/2" x 4-1/2"
Medium: pets up to 60 lbs: 36" x 4-1/2"
Large: pets up to 110 lbs: 42" x 5"

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Certified Organic Dog Beds

organic dog bed organic dog beds
Product Description:
Healthy 100% certified organic dog beds. These beds are filled with a combination of cotton and organic buckwheat hulls formed into separate chambers.

This unique design results in a bed that moulds to your dog's shape for custom-comfort. Colorgrown cotton is used for the washable cover. The type of cotton is an attractive sage green - its natural color, so there is no bleaching or dyeing involved.

Attractive, durable, and easy to launder - a great bed to pamper your pooch.
Small/Round: pets under 20 lbs: 20" diameter
Medium: pets up to 40 lbs: 28" x 32"
Large: pets up to 120 lbs: 36" x 48"

certified organic pet bed link to organic bed product

Cuddle Cube Dog Bed

eco-friendly, non-toxic pet bed
Product Description:
A dreamy dog bed that will surround your pet as he sinks into a cloud of soft fleecy berber comfort.

This eco-friendly bed is filled with premium polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles, thereby your purchase effectively diverts materials which would otherwise be deposited in landfills. A non-slip base material is designed to keep your pet safely grounded while he sleeps.

The zip-on cover is easily removed for machine washing. Three sizes to fit your pet and three low-key neutral colors available blend with any decor, PLUS free to ship.!

Small: 24-inch dia.
Medium: 28-inch dia.
Large: 32-inch dia.

link to cuddle cube bed

Classy Pillow Dog Bed

Design Pillow Dog Bed, Cobalt Modern Floral

Product Description:
To make Mother Nature smile, this pillow uses 100% recycled IntelliLoft polyfill for the eco-friendly filling and the cover can be easily removed for a machine wash and dry whenever desired.

If you're trying to match colors or decor, this cushy pet bed offers twelve exterior fabrics to choose from, including seven in cheerful patterns and five popular solid colors.

Stylish comfort in five sizes coupled with the ultimate in ease of care.

Small: 20"x15"x6"
Medium: 26"x22"x6"
Large: 32"x24"x9"
X-Large: 35"x27"x10"

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Bumper Style Organic Dog Beds

eco-friendly organic cotton dog beds

Product Description:
This durable bed that comes in sizes to suit all pets, has the clean fresh feel of breathable organic cotton that is not only long lasting but also hypoallergenic. Your dog will feel like he's sleeping on a cloud once he experiences the super-soft premium IntelliLoftTM stuffing that fills this luxurious bed.

He'll never dream the stuffing was made from recycled plastic bottles that will keep him snoozing comfortably for years. So shhh, don't tell him, just let him enjoy the superior comfort of these high quality dog beds hand sewn in America. Machine washable, made with pet-loving care, and earth-friendly consideration. Eligible for F*ree shipping too!
Small: 23" x 20"
Medium: 31" x 26"
Large: 36" x 28"
X-Large: 42" x 34" XX-Large: 48" x 39"

link to organic bumper bed

Natural Hemp Dog Bed

Bowsers HempUrban Lounger Dog Bed

Product Description:
A durable high quality dog bed combining performance fabrics with style.
Made from Eco-friendly and durable hemp, a sustainable crop.
One piece design with zipper located underneath the base.
Provides orthopedic support and plush comfort

Maintenanace is easy with its washable/removeable cover

Your spoiled dog is sure to enjoy 5-star naps every day in this excellently constructed dog bed! And you'll enjoy the *free* shipping!
Small: 22" x 14" x 8"
Medium: 32" x 23" x 10"
Large: 44" x 35" x 14"

link to amazon dog bed product page

Lounge Dog Bed

image of Jax and Bones Premium Cotton Blend Lounge Dog Bed

Product Description:
You can give your dog a touch of class with this very attractive dog bed made from premium cotton blend fabric while being eco-friendly at the same time.

"Green Fiber" - a product comprised of recylced post consumer plastic bottles, is used for the hypo-allergenic pillow insert.

The fabric pillow covers available in seven different designs are removable and machine washable for easy care. Cost of shipping is included.

Round: Small 25", Medium 35", Large 45"
Rectangle: Small 24"x18", Medium 32"x27", Large 39"x32"
X8arge 40"x40"

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Pure Wool Bed

image of 100% organic dog bed Product Description:
  • Pure Hypoallergenic Wool Filling
  • Will not absorb or hold odors
  • Naturally resistant to mold and dust mites
  • Great for pets with allergies
  • 100% cotton cover is removeable/washable
  • Made in the USA by U.S. Veterans

Small: 25in x 25in

organic wool dog bed product page

Big Shrimpy Plush Bed

image of clam-shaped organic dog bed Product Description:
  • Filled with SmartFill (100% recycled fiber)
  • Clamshell-like shape with supporting walls
  • Reversible cushion for added versatility
  • Machine washable cover and cushion
Here is a unique and very stylish bed that the dog in your family will love. Since dogs can spend several hours a day with their eyes closed, they probably won't be able to fully appreciate the refined good looks of this pet bed - but their masters will!

Made with concern for the planet's resources, a 100% recycled fiber is used to provide a dense and fluffy filling, just right for a spoiled dozing doggie. The reversible cushion can be flipped for a change of style or to adapt to changing temperatures. Available in several colors.

Small: 27" x 27"
Medium: 34" x 34"
Large: 43" x 43"

big shrimpy bed product page link

Bowsers Organic Oval Dog Bed

organic hemp dog bed Product Description:
Organic dog bed with timeless classic design and attractive Linen look. Natural color and shape designed to fit with any decor. Generously filled to keep your dog extra cozy and well-cushioned.

  • Made with organic Hemp, a sustainable and earth-friendly crop
  • Hemp cover is highly resistant to wear and mildew
  • Filled with extremely soft recycled material
  • Durable zip-off cover
  • Machine washable, cover gets softer with use.
  • Available in Natural color only
  • Shipping included

Large: 23 x 34 x 6 inches
X-Large: 29 x 43 x 6 inches
link to organic oval dog bed page

Organic Quilted Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover-Eco-Friendly Quilted Reversible

Product Description:
Eco-friendly cotton quilted and lightly padded car seat cover to protect your upholstery while giving Fido a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

Repels dirt and pet hair. Fully machine washable.

Shipping included.

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