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Jewelry For Pets
That Are Style Conscious!

Jewelry for pets has become not only a very acceptable adornment for doggies these days, but something dog owners enjoy buying for their furry friends.

Unique, stylish and fun pet jewelry, is a must when your special pup goes out in public. A stroll in the park is not just for a bow-wow with other doggies, it's a chance to be "seen" wearing the latest fashion. Pampered pets are on the runway and want to have fun showing off their newest dog necklace or ankle bracelet.

Crown Clip for dog hair Oval Buckle Leather dog collar with Swarovski Crystals custom engraved heart id jewelry tag for pet
Bone Charm for Pets, Blue Blueberry Pet Floral Pattern pet collar glitter paw print dog collar id charm tag
St. Francis antique bronze dog Tag, made in USA bling dog collar-necklace with bone charm tag guardian angel pet protection collar charm for dog

image of Pet Necklace with Bling Pearls and Rhinestones Bone Charm
Pearl and Rhinestones Pet Necklace

Jewelry For Pets That Love Attention

It's no laughing matter - this is serious business for a coddled canine.

They have their reputation to think of - can't be "seen" in the same diamonds too often. A whole jewelry box full of sparkly accessories is their aim, including unique collars, necklaces, chains, charms and ankle bracelets.

Pinky Crystal Heart and white Pearl Necklace for dogs bling Dog Collar Necklace With Rhinestones studded Pet Collar with pu leather

Owners have fun shopping for decorative accessories to please their pups. And, there are so many occasions for Fifi or Fido to show off their pet jewelry and canine attire:

Glass Pearl Necklace for dogs with Pink Rhinestone Rings

....Daily walks, will be the prime time for meeting up with doggie pals and comparing baubles, bangles and such. Depending on the season, Fifi may also choose to parade in her faux fur designer coat.

....Heading for a day at the Spa? Another golden opportunity for putting on the dog - dressing up that is! A spoiled doggie wouldn't dream of going to the spa without looking divinely dog perfect, wearing a designer pendant, charm or tiara. This might also be a time when "mommy" could wear something to match Fifi's attire.

image of Harley Davidson Md Pink Barb Wire Dog Collar by Coastal Pet
Bling Rhinestone Crystal Diamond PU leather dog Collar, by Neonr handmade Dog Bows, set of 10
Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Bands, 20 pcs Pink Feather Tiara Crown Dog Barrette designer bling bow tie dog collar

Special Events Jewelry For Pets

....Birthday parties - his/her own party, or attending a dog pal's celebration. What a perfect time to "present" some special gemstone to the birthday dog, as well as have Fifi decked out in her party dress and fancy hair ornament.

This diamond fringed dog collarPets Diamond Fringe Collar is for "Uber" Special Occasions!"

....Going on a trip out of town... lots of new other dogs to impress and places to be seen. Also opportunities to shop for more jewelry for pets at the local doggie boutique.

....To the vet? Well, your pal will want to look his best and most commanding self, to instill confidence and gain some respect from the Doc!

....To the beach or at a pool party? Now there's a challenge. Time for an iridescent collar or perhaps a necklace of seashells. Might also want to take some pretty waterwings.

leather and rhinestone dog collar fancy rhinestone dog collar personalized rhinestone dog collar

Whatever the occasion - jewelry for pets is here to stay, but when your dog is not dressing up, he may want to let people know that he is environmentally conscious by wearing natural hemp dog collars.

Gone are the ho-hum days when a dog's best chance to look sharp was a good haircut and a shiny coat. Now you and your pampered pal can have lots more fun with all manner of special dog clothes.

And that's not all - you should get off so easy? - we haven't even begun to deal with the wardrobe!

While jewelry is definitely a popular item for pampered pets, there are many more fun and practical accessories including adorable dog clothes, coats, dog collars, bandanas, barrettes, hats, visors and booties! But that's a subject for another page...

paisley bow with dog collar

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