My Fox Terrier

by Alyssa

Fox Terrier Guide

Fox Terrier Guide

I have had a Fox Terrier since I was 11.

I got my dog from an animal shelter. My mom was looking up "dogs for sale" in animal shelters on the computer and she found one that she and I liked. So we went by the shelter to visit with her close up and ended up taking the Fox Terrier home with us. I've always been happy we chose her.

Her name is Lexy and she is 5 or 6 years old. I think she's the best dog in the whole wide world for me. I share my room with her because she likes to stay close, but I don't mind because she is an awesome dog.

I hope you enjoyed my story and hearing about my dog Lexy.

Link to book above:

Toy Fox Terrier - Comprehensive Owner's Guide

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fox terriers owner manualFox Terriers (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)


We enjoyed your story and the fact that you found your dog at an animal shelter. They are the ones most in need of finding forever homes quickly!

You didn't mention which type of Fox Terrier you have, but for those of you interested in the breed here are pages on the two varieties of this adorable dog:

Smooth Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier

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