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Welsh Springer Spaniel
A Well-Mannered Sporting Dog!

welsh springer spaniel dog

Background and Description

The Welsh Springer Spaniel has been depicted in paintings created 1000 years ago, but his actual history dates back even further, to 7000 BC. For the past several hundred years he has been bred as a flushing spaniel, in Wales. The Welsh Sheep Dog and the Corgi have been suggested as breeds that may have contributed to its development along with Cocker Spaniels.

Possessing an excellent sense of smell, this spaniel is known to be a hard-working, tireless and efficient hunter of game and can operate both on land and in water. Prior to their acceptance into the English Kennel Club, they were known as Welsh Cockers and at one time were used for driving and herding cattle.

With a compact and symmetrical body, he is of medium-size, a bit smaller than the English Springer and a completely different breed. He is built for endurance and has a strong muscular body to support the quick "springing" action and tireless persistence he demonstrates in his work. His very attractive coat is straight, flat and silky with attractive markings and some feathering.


Height: 18-19 inches
Weight: 35-45 pounds
Coat Color: White, with rich red markings

Welsh Springer Spaniel (World of Dogs)Welsh Springer Spaniel (World of Dogs) - a  classic breed book

Coat and Care:

Keep his thick and silky coat looking good with two to three brushings a week. In addition, check and remove plant material that may be picked up on walks, and inspect the ears regularly for any signs of trouble.

Give a wet or dry bath as necessary and keep the paws trimmed of hair between the toes, and nails clipped.

During seasonal moulting, more frequent attention should be given to the coat. One warning: the coat will be ruined by clippering.


Overall the Welsh Springer Spaniel is a fit and healthy dog, but there are a couple of more significant common dog health problems which may affect the breed.

Those issues include epilepsy, and eye disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, and entropian.

Epilepsy, which reportedly affects about 6% of the breed, seems to have more pronounced symptoms in this breed and as a result may be more difficult to treat successfully.

Other more general canine issues include hip andelbow dysplasia and a predispositions toward ear infections.

Owners would definitely be advised to have regular vetinerary examination, especially to look out for the more serious diseases indicated.

Personality and Traits:

The WSS is a high spirited dog. He has been described by owners as being a great family pet and a very polite dog with a cheerful and kindly disposition.

He is a pet that loves to be at his owner's side and involved with family activities. That being said, he can also be somewhat independent and for this reason, early training and socialization is recommended.

Good results can be achieved when owners demonstrate strong leadership, but never use harshness in their training sessions.

A calm dog by nature and possessing a healthy suspicion of strangers, he makes a good watchdog.

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Activity Level:

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is very active dog best suited to a family that enjoys a more vigorous lifestyle.

He needs a lot of outdoor activity, including some time running freely, to keep him mellow and satisfied. Makes a great jogging companion.

Without sufficient exercise, he can become a little naughty!


Space Needs:

Not being known as a barker, he can do well in apartment if he gets a lot of exercise, but from an owner's point of view, access to a medium-sized yard will provide more convenience and a play area for the dog's enjoyment.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel has a love of children and is both gentle and affectionate. However, we would suggest he is better suited to a family with older children who can help out with his daily exercise.


The WSS loves companionship and may do well with an elderly owner if the owner is very active, or can arrange for a good amount of daily activity. Not recommended for the sedentary.

Share Your Knowledge and Pictures

Do you have a Welsh Springer? If you do, we know you must be proud to own this rare and classy dog breed. Plus you have the "insider" knowledge of what he's like to live with!

We would love for you to share your dog's pictures and his story as well as your knowledge about the breed in general.

You can upload photos and tell your dog's story here. For inspiration, read some of the stories already submitted by other dog lovers.

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